Our Values


A key approach to the work we do at Babajide Koku & Co. is to probe and process all the intricacies, facts and relationships peculiar to each matter or instruction we receive, vis a vis, the law (national & international, statutory or case-law), trends in the particular industry, behaviour of the Courts and other idiosyncrasies of the country, to make sure that we secure the best possible opportunities or outcomes for our clients. Our commitment to be thorough, insightful, responsive and discerning underpins all that we do.


The team at Babajide Koku & Co. aims continuously to work intelligently, creatively and resolutely to provide comprehensive & trustworthy legal advice and representation for clients, notwithstanding tight project deadlines or the complexities of a case.


In our focus and determination to provide quality legal services to our clients, Babajide Koku & Co. is committed to the principles of honesty, integrity & trustworthiness. These traits are important amongst our team, and they underpin how we relate with our clients and any third parties that we deal with. It matters to us that our work and representation is free of conflict, upholds the strictest of confidence and abides by the Nigerian Bar’s Rules of Professional Conduct and the standards of international best practice.